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The Best Boutique Hotels in Galle, Sri Lanka by the Culture Trip

October 18, 2017

The Culture trip named the best boutique hotels in Galle and Galle fort hotel is in the list. This is what they have to say about us,

‘The Galle Fort Hotel was originally a Dutch mansion, and has been saved from ruin and neglect. Awarded the Asia Pacific Heritage Award of Distinction by UNESCO in 2007, the Galle Fort Hotel astounds guests with its impressive architecture and marvelous mix of old and new. It is inside the Galle Fort, right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the up-and-coming tourist quarter.’

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Galle Fort Hotel reviewed by THE TELEGRAPH

August 4, 2017

“In the centre of Galle Old Town the hotel is ringed by colonial buildings, restaurants, well-preserved ramparts and a crescent of coastline, combining the sophistication of a boutique hotel with the easygoing atmosphere of a private retreat. Not the cheapest option in town, but laden with charm.”

Here in spades. A former gem merchant’s mansion, the hotel’s small number of rooms overlook a central, colonnaded courtyard with a pool and garden flush with blossom. Immaculately restored, the property feels more like a private residence than a standard hotel – its owners have done well to create a space that’s welcoming, soothing and special.

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Top 10 Boutique Hotels In Sri Lanka by theculturetrip.com

November 30, 2016


The Culture Trip’s  A. J. Samuels writes,

From Portuguese to Dutch to British colonizations, Sri Lanka has a turbulent and colourful history that has left cultural and architectural traces. Religion and ethnicity is just as varied and the combination of these ingredients creates a cultural concoction not easily forgotten. Its tea plantations, rice paddies, cloud forests and beaches provide a beautiful and ever-changing backdrop; views which visitors can enjoy from our top ten hotels in Sri Lanka.

“Galle Fort is a historical town fortified by the Dutch in the 17th century. Known for its architectural and archeological significance, the town is being considered for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Situated relatively nearby is this quaint hotel which was awarded the title of Sri Lanka’s leading boutique hotel in 2010 and 2016. The rooms are designed with a flare for the modern crossed with authentic and romantic Sri Lankan design undertones. Close to the beauty of the beaches and the history of the town, Galle Fort Hotel is a luxurious and relaxing place from which to enjoy Sri Lanka’s cultural spectrum.”

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On the Lankan Heritage Trail

November 2, 2016

As a centre piece among Galle boutique hotels Galle Fort Hotel was revieweed on Villa 88 magazine, Autumn 2016 issue

In the morning sun, colorful little birds gather for a quick dip in the small, tiled fountain which forms the center of the open courtyard, inside what was formerly an 18th century Dutch mansion. Gigantic pillars create tall shadows in the corridors of the refurbished mansion, while the pale walls and high ceilings offer a sepia-toned throwback to Dutch-era Sri Lanka.

As sunbeams illuminate the ancient doors and windows on the façade of the iconic Galle Fort Hotel, stories from the pages of Sri Lanka’s history come to life. The estate has seen times of strife and turmoil as well as that of prosperity, as it morphed from a princely Dutch mansion to barracks for the Royal Air Force (RAF) during World War II, a post o ce, a bakery, and most recently, a pitch for Galle’s adolescent cricketers, before it was finally refurbished to become The Galle Fort Hotel in 2003.

The boutique hotel offers some unique insights into Sri Lanka’s journey through the ages. For instance, a suite named after a seven-foot tall eunuch, the Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho, commemorates his visit to Galle in 1406. The admiral had halted at Galle en route to an expedition to explore the Indian Ocean and Western Pacific with seven voyages, long before Cristopher Columbus set his anchor down on the sandy shores of Ceylon.

Recipient of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award of Distinction, The Galle Fort Hotel is a treasure trove of such stories unearthed from history, culture and folklore. The architecture of the renovated estate also reflects more than one style and school of design. While a majority of the boutique hotel retains its Dutch charm, parts of it pay tribute to Sri Lanka’s British heritage as well as its ethnic Sinhalese flavor.

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The Galle Fort Hotel: A Heritage Experience in Sri Lanka

July 26, 2016

Shortly after arriving at the Galle Fort Hotel one of the heritage hotels in Galle, you will be greeted by the most charming General Manager patiently waiting to unveil the history of this previous 18th century Dutch mansion, now beautifully converted into 13 guest rooms surrounding a lush courtyard. While these details are shared countless times, the delivery is heartfelt and filled with genuine enthusiasm. That story is for you, to set the tone for your stay, to imagine life in this special space long ago, and it’s part of the magic of staying in a historical treasure of the Galle Fort Hotel. Please read the interview below with General Manager, David Elgar as he shares his insight on Sri Lanka, the wonderful history of the Galle Fort Hotel, and running this delightful boutique hotel.

Taken from  Tamarind Living


The Galle Fort Hotel: a truly historical cultural boutique experience

September 15, 2015

Extracted from: http://newsfirst.lk/

Galle Fort Hotel offers and contributes to a truly historical cultural boutique experience. Its 12 individually designed suites open out to the centrally located inner courtyard and the 10m swimming pools offer’s a tranquil exclusive area for guests. Galle Fort hotel rooms are luxuriously and individually furnished with king-sized beds dressed with canopied mosquito netting, crisp white linen and comfortable pillows.

The ‘Admiral Cheng Ho suite’ is a large two-storey suite that commemorates the visit of Admiral Cheng Ho to Galle in 1406.  The upper floor bedroom has a carved Chinese opium bed and work desk. A screen made from rare antique columns provides privacy from the living area below furnished with intricate pieces of oriental furniture and a day bed. The attached open-air bathroom has six-metre columns with a large elevated outdoor ‘waterfall’ shower.
The Grand Apartment is a grand suite and its 2,500 square feet occupies the entire top floor of the old wing. The room is divided into two king-sized bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a private verandah. The apartment features original 17th century artworks, antique chests and cabinets, an eight seater antique dining table and two large Dutch period four-poster beds.

The bar-cum-cafe is a great meeting point and has huge potential to attract greater market share. David the General manager plans to make it the hot spot of the area by making it more open and friendly to outsiders and passers by.
Open to non-guests the restaurant is very much in tune with the Fort prices and receives much positive feedback for its Sri Lankan style and western dishes and promotes freshly and locally bought produce.
David Elgar the General Manager has worked across multiple hospitality business sectors including hotel management, resort project management, high end luxury resorts, medi-spa health and wellness retreats, with over 30 years hands on hospitality experience. He has international experience working in ‘developing countries’ such as Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Fiji, Seychelles and now Sri Lanka.

He believes there is an art to managing people. The leadership style he adopts emphasizes and recognizes the importance of engaging with individuals in an approachable, constructive manner in order to achieve business success. As a Manager, he applies critical attention to the continued alignment of training staff, spelling out their expected roles and matching it by performance.

“I believe that while I am working and living in Sri Lanka I will not only be able to make a contribution to tourism in the country but also pass on my knowledge and skills to the staff at the Galle Fort Hotel and make them feel proud about who they are. Encouraging self-confidence and empowering people to think on their feet will improve self-worth and a hotel that promotes good energy is a hotel that will travel to great heights. This is my aim.”

The landscape of Galle Fort continually changes. Today a Museum occupies the stables; jewelry shops abound; cafes emerge from behind restored columns; interior design shops mingle with bookstores and fashion outlets and the supply of new hotels continue to grow. The number of hostels, hotels, boutiques, restaurants and shops are are too numerous to mention so we instead invite you to visit the Galle Fort and walk these beautiful old colonial cobbled streets and discover the treasures of the Fort for your self.

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