In Galle, fresh produce and seafood are available in abundance all year round; famous for our delectable lobster and jumbo prawns, we also have the luxury of being able to select from the widest range of the freshest fruit and vegetables. No surprise then that freshness forms the foundation of our food philosophy.

Our menu is quite literally a wonderful journey, since we draw inspiration from the famous Spice Route – the one merchants travelled from Europe to the mysterious lands of the East, in search of exotic spices.

Every dish that makes its aromatic way from our kitchen to your table, is also laced with that most precious ingredient – inspiration. We add that little something extra to every offering on our menu, so that, ever after, you will say “I wish they made it like the Galle Fort Hotel does”. Visit the Galle Fort Hotel and experience the cuisine of the best best restaurants in Galle Fort.

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2018 Leading Boutique Hotel Awards Winner

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2018 World Luxury Hotel Awards Winner